The goalkeeper of hockey is one of the most important positions in hockey, do It , a fact that you can’t win the Stanley cup with the goal only large tender, but there has never been a team that won the trophy final without the incredible tender. Over the past 25 years, the development and the goalkeeping coach of hockey became an exact science, unlike in the past where the hockey goalie  training would be his only team shooting in practice.Hockey goaltender is almost like a solo athlete should responsible for their own development and training. This is where is coach goal becomes a huge advantage. Teams like the Harrington College Icebergs, has its own dedicated goalkeeper coach for their Bantam, Midget and College Teams. This is usually the case of established professional, College and Junior or large teams. Now the teams as Harrington can take a dedicated good goalkeeper and turn them into a great goalkeeper. The skills involved in becoming a great goaltender are very specific. They must be trained daily and weekly, allowing chance to take is to play with the possibility of limited development. Most goaltenders try hockey hockey goaltender-specific fields in the off-season, the off-season is a very important moment to practice and develop, however, that the training and development should continue during the season.If you don ‘t t have access to a dedicated goalkeeper coach, then you need to hire a trainer goalkeeper full-time basis. This is a must if you want to do for professionals or even have a successful career college cannot leave this aspect of its development up to chance. For goalkeepers it  on performance and only, they cannot blame the team not to play well, or even the forwards for not scoring enough goals and even the defense to allow an excessive number of stops.It  on the record and the goalkeeping performance. This is the position more difficult to play because there are normally 2 goaltenders for each team, and usually one of two goaltenders playing most games. The goalkeeper plays the whole game, then that means they have to be in excellent condition