Those who are beginners to Hockey can use this article to learn about the hockey rules. Even those who are newly watching the hockey game and interested to learn about the game can learn about the game by reading this article. In USA hockey is well noted games and coaches perceive that they develop the playing skills and teach the game and the rules of the game effectively to the youngsters.

  1. The most important point that you have to note is the method in which you hold the hockey stick. You must make certain that the hockey stick is held in such a way that it does not obstruct the other players to move around while playing. While holding the stick you should also ensure that it is carried in a proper height. You cannot hold the stick above the height of the shoulder, this is considered to be a fault and penalty would be given in such a case.
  2. Do you know what to do if the stick is broken while playing? You have to drop the stick and stay on ice. This would make the game to stop and then the goaltender replaces another stick. This is very important point and when a player does not follow this rule then it is possible that there would be a penalty imposed on him.
  3. There are two types of penalty. One is the minor penalty which is also called as bench penalty. This is for two minutes and the other penalty is the major penalty which is for five minutes. There are several other penalties such as misconduct penalty and match penalty. In a match penalty the player is suspended from the game whereas in the replacement player in the game is on the ice. However, at a point of time two players can only be out of the game. Even for fighting during the game a penalty is charged.
  4. The area of the goal keeper is called as the goal crease. This goal crease is an area where a player cannot get in.
  5. Checking should be done the right way. One way of doing it behind from the opponent is considered wrong. Thus any player should learn how to do checking appropriately.
  6. Face-off is a phase in the game where only one player of each team is allowed to enter into the circle. Other players should ensure that they do not enter the face-off circle.
  7. Kicking the puck is allowed in hockey but you cannot make a goal if the puck was kicked by the opponent. The offensive team should not head the puck into the offensive zone.

These are some of the points which you would learn as a player. Even when you watch the game definitely you would get acquainted to these rules easily. Therefore learning the essential rules would enable the beginners to follow the game easily. Therefore you can become a good hockey player by implementing the rules of the game effectively.