Sports and Games – An Important Phase of People’s Life

All the types of physical activities done for any competition can be described as sports. Sports are of different types. It has been classified into different categories. Sports can be athletic, fanatic, disabled, motor sports, water sports, power lifting, disabled etc.

Sport by Tradition and Region

The sporting choice of people generally varies from place to place depending upon skill and popularity. Take an example of Brazil where football is very popular so as their people are skillful enough in that particular sport. Cricket is popular in the commonwealth nations and athletics is popular in the developed nations who can afford quality infrastructure and training to the athletes.

Rules and Regulations

Each and every sport follows certain rules and regulations which are different from any other sport. Sports are played at different level starting from school and college level to World Cups and Olympics. It also provides the best sportsman fame, popularity and wealth.

Advantages of Sports and Games

  • It keeps people fit and healthy
  • It helps people in maintaining a good body figure
  • Helps in maintaining and balancing proper blood circulation and pressure
  • People also find charm and enjoyment in sports as many people love to play games in the leisure times.

Market Demand

Sports and games are certainly a big market these days in a country’s economy. In the game of cricket in India, there are thousands of professional teams and each team having at least 20 players. That means if we calculate the professionals will be in millions who competes for the final 15 places who will represent the country at international level. This makes the government think to spend in sports infrastructures, international level stadiums.

Entertainment and Leisure

The sports and games have been the biggest entertainment sources from the past few decades. Various sports and games are getting few modifications so that it can become more entertaining. For example the game of cricket has a new format of T20 in which each side will play 20 overs. This has made the game more exciting and charming. The franchisee owners and the cricket boards are making huge money from this modified format of the game. Similarly the game of football has been a major entertainment source in the European Union and the Latin American countries. People spend dollars to take the enjoyment of the game. The players and the support staffs make lots of money only because they are able to provide people entertainment.

Popular Sports Venues

Each and every nation is having world class sports complexes and stadiums in their premises. The better infrastructure you have, the chances gets higher to conduct international events like Olympic Games, World Cups, Commonwealth games etc. These are the highest level of Sports. Some of the popular sports venues of the World are

  • The Lord’s Cricket complex, London
  • Olympic stadium, Sydney
  • Braves Olympic stadium, Atlanta, USA
  • DY Patil Sports Complex, Navi Mumbai
  • Panathenaic stadium, Athens
  • National Olympic stadium, Beijing


The first unofficial Olympics game was held in the year 776 B.C. in Athens. The Greek had the most advanced culture in the world. It gives a clear cut idea that sports have been an important part of people’s life from the ancient period. The first official Olympics was held in the year 1896 A.D. at Athens, Greece and the first FIFA Soccer world cup help in the year 1930 in Uruguay where the hosts became the champions. The Olympic Games, World Cups and major international tournaments held once in a span of 4 years. The revenue is generating more and more in each and every new edition.