Things New Bowlers Need to Know about Bowling (And Other Stuff)

Everybody could go along on their local bowling alley for a little family fun anytime they please but eventually it will bring you . . . the bowling bug. Before very long you won’t be pleased with handing your footwear across the desk, you’ll be scouring the internet for bowling shoes for sale and wanting to handle things a little more seriously.

Okay, so BowlingShoes is simply the first step. There are several other things you should know about bowling with the big boys.

When it comes to balls, size matters!

Whatever your wife / girlfriend / partner tells you, size really does matter when it comes to balls . . . bowling balls that is. Your ball should be of the correct weight, the correct cover stock surface then it will need to be drilled to fit your fingers. Have you ever noticed that a few of the balls with the bowling alley have got holes you can hardly fit your fingers into plus some have got holes so large that you can hardly get a grip – that’s why real bowlers their very own balls drilled to fit their fingers.

When it comes to shoe size, size matters!

Invest in a decent pair of bowling shoes and, funnily enough you’ll probably need to go a half size larger than your regular shoe size. Treat your bowling shoes well and they will reward you with service and comfort for quite some time to come.

Bowling is a social event, but don’t forget to focus on the issue in hand!

It’s great to bowl with friends but don’t get too carried away forget and gossiping to focus on the reason why you’re there in the first place – to improve your bowling.

Learn and practice your bowling stance!

Bowling alleys are loaded with “experts” who can love nothing but to tell you when you’re doing something wrong. Your bowling stance will experience over time, be sure that you stay in your comfort zone and watch other regulars to obtain a few ideas.

Watch out for the arrows!

The arrows about the bowling lane are there for a reason, so pick out an arrow and aim for it. Right handed people should aim for the ideal arrow; left handed people should strive for the left arrow. If you are taking the easy way out and choose the one at the center you’ll get a split which happens to be difficult to manage.

Keep your eye on the arrows at the purpose of release, not the pins!

Looking at the pins will only distract you, watch where you release your bowling ball and discover whether it runs over the mark you were focusing on.

Don’t forget to follow through!

There are many variations of the follow-through, you will develop your own over time but you do need one so don’t forget to look silly, cock a leg or whatever else you are doing.

The Guideline

As a rule of thumb your ball with go to where your thumb is pointing, so this guideline really is a rule about thumbs. Make sure that your body is facing straight across the lane just as much as you possibly can.

That’s all you need to know. If your new bowling buddies score 200 and you don’t even reach 100, it can all combine eventually., keep in mind that practice makes perfect, don’t worry