Choosing the top stadia in the world is not an easy task. Till date, there are multiple stadia built around the world. From a massive stadium accommodating more than 100,000 spectators to the most stylish one, numerous options are available to choose from. Below is the list of ten best football stadia that may be the ideal venue for important football matches.

Marcana, Brazil


Rio de Janiero’s huge stadium hosts important football matches that are played by the top Brazilian football players. Important matches between Flamengo as well as Fluminense are usually held in this magnificent stadium. Opened for 1950’s Football World Cup, Marcan could accommodate more than 180,000 fans in standing position for one single match. Recently it has been chosen as a venue for World Cup of 2014.

Anfield, Liverpool


This single-tiered bowl is the most popular stadium for football matches in England, if not the entire Europe. It is not as massive as other stadia but it is one of the most popular stadia for the football fans across the world.

Olympiastadion, Berlin


This huge and flat stadium was the home of the Olympic Games of Nazis in the year 1936. Although it underwent renovations for several times, till date, it retained the sculptures of the Nazi period and became the best venue for football payers. In the year 2006, it had host the final match of the World Cup and it was the venue of the final match of German Cup and other important football tournaments.

Old Trafford, Manchester, UK


This favorite ground for Manchester United has a huge capacity of accommodating more than 75,000 spectators for a single match. The sound level of this new age stadium exceeds even than that of an air flight that is taking off. Earlier in days of standing terraces, Stretford End accommodated nearly twenty thousand football fans. OT’s North End is recently named after Red Devils, a nickname of British Army’s Parachute Regiment.

Azteca, Mexico


This spectacular stadium of Mexico can accommodate nearly 100,000 fans and is one of the best venues of a soccer match. Many controversial incidents regarding the soccer matches occurred in this stadium, for instance, the famous Argentinean soccer hero, Diego Maradona scored the notorious ‘Hand of God’ in the year 1986.

Bernabeu, Madrid


A popular stadium in Europe, Bernabeu hosts numerous football matches played by Real Madrid team. It is known for the activities of its crazy fans. The stadium has a huge trophy room and also has a glass walled display of nine Europeans Cups as well as LaLiga trophies.

Camp Nou, Barcelona


This stunning stadium holds nearly 100,000 football fans and is an object of pride for Cataonians, an autonomous Spanish community. It is the biggest stadium in the European continent and is also known for the passionate football fans. It is a must watch for the football fans since the important football matches of Spain are held in Camp Nou.

Parc des Princes, Paris


Although it became the favorite ground for cycling tournament in the ancient times, it now becomes the hub of football culture and tradition of France. At present, this stadium houses nearly fifty thousand seats for the soccer fans.

Bombonera, Buenos Aires


Popularly called Chocolate Box, this flat stadium in the Buenos Aires is the most magnificent ground in the world. The frenzied soccer fans make the entire ground shake with their clumping and their chanting of the names of their favorite succor heroes.

San Siro, Milan


Being a favorite ground for soccer teams namely ‘Inter’ as well as AC Milan, this stadium is one of the popular grounds of Europe. It can accommodate nearly eighty thousand fans and is known for creative activities of the crazy fans.

Discover the salient features of the top football stadia of the world. Enhance your knowledge about your favorite sport like never before.