The top 5 Most Incredible Spearfishing Destinations in the World

Spearfishing is an increasingly popular choice of sport for those who love a challenge and have no fear of getting up close to underwater critters. It takes time, strength and willpower to master the art but going deep and getting dangerously close to your limits is never short of a thrill.

Man must become hunter, get fighting fit and train in the technique of apnea (holding the breath) before he can succeed at the sport. Yet, the experience isn’t just about the perfect catch. Spearos enjoy spearfishing because it’s a chance to explore the beautiful realms of the deep, to travel across the world and to share the underwater world without restraint.

spearo-in-actionA Spearo in Action

Whether you’re already a pro or you’re itching to take up the sport, read on to find out what makes these 5 destinations the most spectacular spots for your next underwater hunt:

Spearfishing in Baja, Mexico

Just slightly South of California and detached from the Mexican mainland by the Sea of Cortez is the Baja peninsula. This area is teeming with more native fish species than anywhere else in the world and is thriving with eager spearos all year round. In fact, the location is so popular for the sport that the locals even install fish attracting devices in the summertime. You can expect amazing surroundings and solid productivity from your hunt.

La Paz is one of the prime places to begin your search. In this spot, temperatures remain between 72 and 85 degrees Fahrenheit and provide up to 100 feet of visibility all year. As the conditions and environments vary from the calm shallows to strong currents and deep reefs, beginners or experts can find an ideal place for their hunt. You’ll find yellow fin tuna, blue marlin, amberjack and grouper lurking off the Baja shores.

Spearfishing in Panama

A premiere spearfishing zone, Panama is home to many a rocky reef, blue water pinnacles and deep blue spots offshore. As this area of the ocean is swarming with fish action, any spearfishing newbie or junkie can experience a successful hunt. Water temperatures never drop below 70 degrees Fahrenheit and divers can reach up to 100 feet of clear waters offshore.

Hannibal Banks and The Gulf of Chiriquí are two of the most popular fishing grounds in this location. The areas are home to an array of underwater environments which are renowned for their unspoiled beauty. As ocean currents meet in these areas, they create nutrient-rich waters, attracting some of the ocean’s most distinctive pelagic fish. Spearos can hunt record sized tuna fish, snapper, grouper, barracuda, amberjack and many more species of the deep.

barracuda-roamingBarracuda roaming the waters off the coast of Costa Rica

Spearfishing in Nosara, Costa Rica

Off the Nasara coast, water temperatures are at least 79 degrees Fahrenheit all year around and divers can see clearly down to 150 feet. Here, you’ll find gorgeous reefs and pinnacles that are swarming with exotic creatures.

The area attracts a wide variety of fish, especially because of the phenomenal steam ship wreck just offshore. No matter what your skill level, you can get underwater. There are lobster, snook and roosterfish to be found close to the shore and wahoo, mahi-mahi, sailfish and barracuda roaming further out in the deep.

Spearfishing in Punta Hermosa, Peru

The rocky and more challenging waters of Punta Hermosa are better suited to the more experienced Spearo. The upswelling currents, low temperatures and low visibility in this area make for a more thrilling task yet the hunt isn’t without satisfaction. A wealth of snapper, parrot fish, amberjack, black grouper and goliath grouper are to be found close to and away from the shore.

Spearfishing in Australia

If you’re up for taking a flight down under then some of the best spots to go spearfishing are Broome and Exmouth in the North-West of the Island. The spearfishing spots here are quite limited to the shallows but the underwater environment is rich with a plethora of creatures that include slatey bream, tuna, mackerel, parrotfish, mangrove jacks and chinaman fish. Exmouth’s waters are also renowned for their abundance of spangled emperor, jobfish, rankin cod and wahoo.

If you’re an experienced Spearo looking for an adventure then head out to the barrier reefs where currents are strong. Yet, in these areas you’ll also discover a passing shark! It is particularly recommended that divers wear a shield during the summertime as the tiger sharks gather to hunt during the turtle breeding season.

If you’re in love with the outdoors and up for pushing your body to the limits then what are you waiting for? Train up in apnea and travel the world to experience this thrilling sport.