Exciting Memory of Road Trip by Frank Dellaglio to New Mexico City

Deeper into heart, Frank Dellaglio always had the desire to reach New Mexico City by road as I know very well that it would be interesting and a long journey of my life time. Since my childhood, I was waiting for an opportunity. However, I did not get that until I got two children. We are now a happy family with three generation people living together. What could make me feel proud more than this? Though I tried so many times to reach New Mexico City by road, I could not succeed. All of a sudden, when we were planning for vacation last year, I threw the idea of visiting New Mexico City by road thinking that I would grab the chance if provided. Surprisingly, my children joined with me followed by my wife and my parents. At last, we decided to go to New Mexico City by road.


Our Road Trip

We had to borrow a family vehicle to fit all our family for travel. Then, we started from San Bernardino. From there, we passed through California, Los Angeles, Arizona and finally reached my dream city New Mexico. It was around a 10 days trip where no one in my family gives up. Especially my children enjoyed the trip very much. Few things we left unplanned during our travel. With our great experience I guess I have full rights to guide you on how to enjoy your road trip to New Mexico City through Route 66. Fine below my recommendations for road trip to New Mexico City:

  1. Don’t forget to take necessary things like cameras, water bottles, snacks, etc. It is very essential that you take snacks and water in sufficient when you are travelling with kids especially. Because; you might not know during the road trip when you will come across the stores to refill the water and snacks. Therefore, on the safe side try to keep them sufficient enough. Then and there you can remove the unclear photos. This is the most stupidity we did. We never removed blurred photos and our memory got drained before we reach California. So, we had to remove many photos and we transfer the photos then and there to our laptop.
  2. To enjoy the most, try to take cameras because in route 66, you might find different places with huge dolls. If you have video camera it would make your trip memorable ever.

Due to advancements in technology now Frank Dellaglio used smart phone, you can also carry smart phone with you enabled with GPS. This would help you to track the route and reach the destination well.