4 Best Places for Hockey Fans

Are you a hockey fan and you need the best places to watch the game? Then you don’t have to worry the following are the best five places you should go.

Prudential Center (New Jersey Devils)

It is situated in the Newark, New Jersey. This prudential center offers fans a great view experience. It was founded in year 2007 and features wide open concourses as well as many great areas to catch some grab between the periods. The place holds 17,625 fans and the fans are always loud and into the game. Madison Square Garden (New York Rangers)

This the world; popular place and it comes in number four in the best places to watch hockey. It is the oldest arena which was constructed in 1968 and has longer history than any other venue for sports.

The place record a 100 percent sell and is the best place to catch the game. From the signature ceiling to the iconic rangers’ symbol at the center ice, it should be on the bucket list of any true hockey fan. These place is ranked number five on the list.


United Center (Chicago Blahawks)

The mad house on madson which was opened for business in the year 1994 received renovation in 2009 to its 300 level seating. The fans pack the house by leading the league in attendance with 21,533 people per game, in few years ago in 2007-2008 seasons the center posted a third to last capacity rate of 82 percent.

There is always an electric atmosphere, fans erupt every time the signature goal song placing the arena in number three in the best five.

In the post cup era the Hawks put the mad back in madhouse coming in with 108 percent capacity rate in the season that had past.

Joe Louis Arena (Detroit Red Wings)

It is situated appropriately at 19 Steve Yzerman Drive, it offers great environment to one of the most consistently elite teams in the league. It has hosted four Stanley cups since its opening in 1979.

During the playoff time one can see the ritual of octopus hitting the ice to remember a local fish vender who threw the eight tentacle animal onto the ice as an emblem of the then light wins it took to win Lord Stanley cup. It has a hockey town painted on ice as the struggling city goes on to support their Detroit Red Wings in droves, enabling a special atmosphere that place Joe arena the second on the list.

Bell Centre (Montreal Canadians)

The place turns watching hockey into a near religious experience. A sea of red fills the seats for every game, selling every game and is the largest arena in the NHL.

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Starts with showcasing your countries favorite sport, add other 24 championship and a fan base built since the original six. This makes the place the loudest place for hockey in the world. This absolute electric atmosphere gives this place the best arena and the first one on the list.

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