4 Things You Need to Know About EuroHockey 2015

If you are into hockey then one event that has to be in your diary is the EuroHockey Championships 2015. This much-awaited event is set to take place from the 21-30 August 2015, at London’s Queen Elizabeth Olympic Park, made famous as the location for the London 2012 Olympics. The 16 best teams in Europe will compete, including both male and female teams, and the two England teams will be taking part and attempting to earn the gold. Here’s what you need to know about this exciting hockey event.

The Tournament

The pool stage of the competition sees all eight teams of both genders split into groups of four. Within each pool, every team will play each other and there will be three points for a win, one for a draw, and no points for a loss. The teams with the highest points will graduate out of the pool stage and play other teams from the other pool.

History of the Competition

EuroHockey was founded in 1970 and started life as a men-only competition. The women’s teams were added in 1980. The competition is organised by the European Hockey Federation and it has been played every two years since 2003. Over the course of the entire tournament, the German men’s team and the female Netherlands team have been most successful. England is in the top four for both male and female teams. The most recent success for the England Women’s team was in 2013, where they won silver at the competition in Belgium.

Image courtesy of Andy Newson / FreeDigitalPhotos.net

The Location

The EuroHockey 2015 event will take place at Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre. Not only will fans be able to watch the matches at this location, but there will be a Fan Park taking place in the ground surrounding the pitches, where you can learn about hockey, buy Hockey Kit and accessories, and take part in fun games and activities. Lee Valley Hockey and Tennis Centre will continue to be used to host international tournaments following EuroHockey 2015 and has some of the best hockey pitches in the UK.

The Teams

Germany is probably the team to look out for in both male and female hockey, as they are the title holders from the event in Belgium 2013. However, the England teams will be playing with home advantage and looking to do better than in 2013.

Whatever the result for the England teams, EuroHockey 2015 aims to inspire people and increase interest in the sport of hockey. Families will be able to enjoy world-class sport and take part in events and activities that aim to educate the public about hockey and about the teams that are taking part in this event. If you’re into hockey, this championship is not to be missed. Tickets are now available in a variety of price ranges and you can also find out more about the tournament and the teams on the website.