Manchester City Proved their Valour in 2013 will they do it Again in 2014?

Questions pertaining to whether or not Manchester City will be able to restore their former glory have been doing rounds everywhere following their Community Shield loss to Arsenal. People are still wondering if Manchester City is ready to commence into Premier League battle. Even the Manchester City boss, is wondering like most of his team fans on whether the squad will be successful this time following the world Cup devastation and a fractured pre-season. Critically speaking City was certainly a deserving team to have a face-off with Real Madrid. The players showed up really well last time. Though, some are of the opinion that their performance somewhat lacked fluency and elegance. They say the game was mostly far from being any vintage performance.

Man City fans saw the team fight on their back foot in the match against Newcastle with full energy. Though the squad was young with several debutants to their side, full of spirit and strength, city barely made it last time. The situation worsened for city with the performance of Newcastle United ace players Remi Cabella and Emmanuel Riviere. The two snatched the ball from City’s side and certainly managed to make the most out of these opportunities.


However, critics say that Manchester City could have defeated Newcastle on the day as the latter lacked composure; an important trait to consider while distinguishing the top teams and those aspiring to become the same. On the other side, the audience saw quality performance from Newcastle’s front; thus, leaving Alan Pardew feeling proud of his boys. On the other, hand the Blues showed speed and decisiveness with every move they took.

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The entire season of 2013-14 saw Man City making the most out of timing. It has somewhat been the hallmark of Manchester City throughout the final stretch. This made sense when it came to City’s goal scoring intentions. The first goal came with Edin Dzeko subtly passing the ball to David Silva and the latter landing the ball to the slot. The second goal came with and mindful footwork from Sergio Aguero.

Silva’s goal provided City a lead as well as helped the team hold a grip over the game. One of the many men who deserved credit for this is debutant Fernando, being one of the most powerful and also an impenetrable player in the midfield. This midfield anchor Fernando was certainly the key to Man City’s win on the day.

After taking control over the game, city managed to nullify New Castle’s threat. Soon Manchester City started dictating the game terms; though they could not manage to find opportunities, the team went all ahead to restrict threat from Newcastle’s side. Though, it may seem that the shot count of both teams was identical but the massive 5 on target was nothing when compared to City’s 0. Now, this spoke quite a lot about Man City’s potential. With ticking of the clock nearing a stop Aguero coolly secured win for the team.

This year the Blues had won the Premier league title with a 2-0 against West Ham. Most people think that it is the placid and poise approach of the team alongside the winning attitude of Man City boss Manuel Pellegrini. Now this leaves the critics with a question “Will they or will they not” at the Champions League.

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