Make Your Hockey Club Stand Out From the Rest

You may have thought that a bespoke hockey kit for your hockey club is beyond the reach of your meagre budget; after all, there are probably more pressing things on which to spend club funds. However, you can now create easily your own favoured design unique to your club for a fraction of the cost which you might think.

hockey-best-club Image credit: / Stuart Miles

What Makes A Bespoke Kit?

Regardless of whether you play football, rugby, hockey or other team sport there are certain elements which all clubs have in common, of which some are more common than others. Take the main colour for example; typically the primary colours of sports tops are predominately red, white, blue, green or black. A rugby, football or hockey kit is a physical banner of colour around which a following of fans and supporters are able to attach their allegiance.

Shirts and shorts may further be decorated with stripes or blocks of differing colours which may (or may not) be a reference to a local historical fact or event or certainly something to do with the local flag or emblem of a city or county. If a club kit is the same colour as that of another’s, it is important to try and differentiate the kit by adding embellishments, marks and patterns which are unique to that club.

Just as the design and colourings of flags and banners throughout history have evolved to take into account battles and victories, so to have sports kits evolved as part of the club’s history and adventure.

And that is exactly how a bespoke kit reflects the aims, the achievements and also the colourful history of a particular club. The club and/or team may not have won any accolades, cups or trophies but that still does not detract from the proud way in which players and supporters will wear the colours. Once they are pinned on to your heart they remain a steadfast element of the person, of the community and of the history and future of where the club is located.

There was a time when bespoke kits were an expensive proposition; however, with the advent of the web and the rise of design apps, it is now possible with six simple steps to create a bespoke kit design which exemplifies your preferred club, whether you are a player, official or indeed supporter.

Creating something unique but which displays elements of a shared heritage is something all sports clubs strive to achieve in their kit, from the lowliest amateur side to the top professional outfits right through to international level. Now you can do the same for your club.