A Better Alternative to New Year’s Resolutions for Fitness

Christmas is coming, and when you are not thinking about the festivities that lie just around the corner, chances are your thoughts are beginning to turn to 2015, and what you might like to get out of this fresh new year. For many people, setting a New Year’s resolution is something of a tradition, but as any anecdotal evidence will tell you, these well intentioned ideas rarely work. There are a number of reasons for this, but ultimately it is that there are a lot of things each of us would like to achieve, and we can keep up the enthusiasm and dedication for a while, but after a few weeks normal life starts to get in the way and the plans we were once so passionate about fall by the wayside.

So, how can you make a positive change for 2015 without this happening? One idea that has worked for many is to swap the idea of a New Year’s resolution for a monthly goal. Here is why:

Staying Motivated for Shorter Periods is Easier

When something is still novel and fun, it is far easier to stick to it. Equally, when you first start to notice results you are far more likely to feel inspired to carry on. Unfortunately, these fits of enthusiasm don’t tend to stick around for the long term. If you then, say that for one month you will put all of your spare time into working on an aspect of your fitness, for example core training, you will find it much easier to give it your all. When that month is over, you don’t stop training your core,but you switch focus to a new monthly goal, for example circuit training daily to work on your strength, stamina and cardio fitness. The idea is not to switch from one area to another entirely, as each month of focusing on one area passes you begin to incorporate workouts from that period into your weekly regime to maintain the progress you made. However, each month you have a new thing to concentrate on doing and a new area to improve on.

Maybe you could try working hard at yoga one month to improve your flexibility, or at bodybuilding to build more lean muscle. Maybe you could try dancing or martial arts with training every day to blast through the beginner stages in one month and boost your cardio fitness. The possibilities are endless, and you will always feel positive and motivated.

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What You Need

All you really need to work in this way is a plan for each month and access to a well equipped gym like http://www.thefitnessmosaic.com/. If your gym has classes in different fitness disciplines, all the better – take a look at what is on offer and they may give you some inspiration for themes for upcoming months! You can also find online video tutorials for all kinds of workouts and techniques, so there is a lot of help you can find for free.

Forget theming your whole future year around one vague fitness goal – set a new goal each month and keep changing up your workout to keep your mind as well as your body entertained!