Top Tips for Improving and Solidifying Your Hockey Skills

In essence, hockey is really a simple game with simple rules and strategies. But the challenge facing many players is being able to handle any and all moves that are directed at them, and having the ability to go past their opponent in order to score a goal.

The good news, though, is that you can definitely improve your game with practice. Over time, your skills will become more developed, and you can really incorporate your own set of techniques to help your team win. But to help you out even further, below are some top tips for enhancing your skill in the sport:

Choose Your Equipment Wisely

When it comes to hockey (and almost every other sport, for that matter) choosing the right equipment is important. You want to have the right hockey stick and even the right shoes and jersey. Take your chosen stick, for instance. Sticks come in different materials, ranging from wood to fibreglass, composite material (a combination of wood, fibreglass, or more), or aluminium. But what is actually more important is how it feels when you hold it. Does it feel comfortable and feel right in your hands? Also, consider other factors: the stick’s weight, its thickness, its length, the curve of the blade, and how it lies.

Another factor to consider when playing hockey is your comfort. For this, you need to choose the right jersey and other clothing as well. Jerseys also come in different materials, and you should select one based on the level of comfort it brings. One tip: if you would like to have a great design for your hockey shirt and hockey kit, you can opt for sublimated shirts for your hockey kit (as opposed to screen-printed ones) where the design is permanently glued or bonded to the shirt, giving it a smoother look and feel and a design that is less likely to fade over time.

Handling Your Stick

A good hockey player is one who is able to manipulate and control the ball accurately, quickly, and consistently. If you already have this skill, then good for you. There is even a term for this type of ability: you have ‘soft hands.’ One way to improve the way you handle your stick is by feeling your way whilst at the same time, looking up and getting a feel for the options which are available to you whilst you are trying to manoeuvre the ball. You can also improve your game by paying attention to how you handle the ball and control it whilst you are surrounded by other players. Focus on improving this skill and you will go a long way to improving your entire game.

Other Tips to Improving Your Hockey Game

Whilst making practice a priority, it is also a good idea to watch as much of the game as you can. Watching the professionals can give you some good moves and strategies. Additionally, try to develop your overall confidence in how you play the game. The right amount of confidence contributes greatly to how you play, since it helps you identify opportunities and work on these opportunities as well. It also wouldn’t hurt to learn as much as you can about the game itself – watch instructional videos, subscribe to special sites and newsletters about the sport, and take the time to study the game and learn the rules by heart. By doing all of these, you will have improved your game and enhanced your skill before you know it.