The Grandest Sporting Events in Line for 2015

If you were thinking that 2014 was the year of all years, well, you should just wait and see what 2015 has in store for you! Be it technological advancements or education, politics and economics, 2015 holds a lot of promise. But what it holds more in store for us are the many big sporting events which are slated to take place this year all over the world. And here’s a small sneak peek at some of the grandest sporting events that the year has in store for us:

The Asian Cup

The Australian edition of the Asian Cup, or more commonly known as the AFC was held in the month of January this year. And needless to say, it saw humongous success both in terms of the sport and in terms of global interest in the tournament as well. The host country Australia went on to win the cup in the final stage, by defeating South Korea. This has opened up their entry in the FIFA World Cup which will be held in Russia in 2017. Football is probably the most popular sport which is played and enjoyed by millions across the planet, and this event just made the year 2015 a whole lot more exciting for football fans all around!

The Alpine World Ski Championships

This year, the Alpine Ski tournament will be hosted by the US, so there are already many who have already signed up for seats and participation entry alike. Since this is a winter sport, it really gives you a great chance to not just enjoy some of the finest ski professionals at work, but also have a gala time out in the snow, enjoying along with everyone else.

The Copa Libertadores

South America is a place which ranks really high when it comes to football and the Copa Libertadores is the most prestigious football tournament which is played in honour of the Portuguese and Spanish. This is a club football tournament, so it makes things more exciting, as club supporters from all over turn up for this gala event and cheer on for their favourite teams and players alike!

The Cricket World Cup

Well, if FIFA was held last year, this year, the Cricket World Cup is all geared up to take the world by storm! This will be the 11th World Cup in the cricketing world, and Australia and New Zealand will be hosting the games jointly this year. There will be a total of 49 matches, and 23 matches will be played in each country over a span of 30 days, and in various venues across the two countries. Sachin Tendulkar has been chosen as the ambassador for this year’s World Cup, and seats have already been filled for most of the venues!


Formula One is the most coveted tournament that any race car driver can hope to enter, and it takes place over a span of 8 months, in various circuits around the world. This year, it will be starting off in Australia in the month of March, and end in Abu Dhabi. Needless to say, considering the number of racing fanatics that are there around the world, everyone is already too excited with the event, and are waiting to see what lies in store for defending champion Lewis Hamilton this year.

MLB 2015

The 2015 Major League Baseball tournament is all set to sweep fans off their feet, as players and fans alike gear up for this wonderful event. The game will be hosted this year by the Cincinnati Reds, and the matches will be held at the Great American Ball Park. Baseball is a favourite pastime for Americans, and thousands will be flocking to see who takes home the loot from the wins this year.

Golf Masters Tournament

In 2015, four major golf tournaments will be held throughout the year, and the first one to kick off the series will be the Masters Tour, which will be held at Augusta National Golf Club in Georgia from 9th April. Although this tournament is mostly through invitations only, there are some base level criteria which players need to fulfil. And even though the course here is the smallest compared to the rest of the Tours, it is still quite a tricky course, and tests the skills and tact of all golfers who sign up.

Stanley Cup

If you are into ice hockey, then you will know that Stanley Cup one of the most respected and revered hockey tournaments that are played each year, and is a completely elimination tournament, whereby 8 teams take part and the two finalists go on to win the Stanley Cup. Stanley Cup games are serious business, and have seen not just some of the best moves and plays by famed players, but some of the most brutal matches of all times. It is one of the most popular tournaments in the sports world, and getting tickets is really a very difficult task if you haven’t already booked yours in advance!

So, as we can see, there are really too many great sporting events that are being held in 2015, and although there are loads more, you can really pick up a few and just buy tickets and go have a wonderful time and see the pros and how they do it. And just in case you run into debt buying all those prime season tickets, you can check out the top ten reviews for debt settlement, should you be a hardcore sports fanatic and do not want to miss a single game of your best sport and don’t mind running into a debt for the same! There are just too many to choose from, and you should probably start making entries into your itinerary, if you want to catch some of the best games that will be played- be it hockey, football, cricket, or see some of the fastest cars and bikes go around the circuit, zipping past at breakneck speeds, and you enjoying in the stands, cheering your favourites on towards victory.