Crossy Road – Watch Out!!!

If you are a gaming enthusiast and want to have some fun all you need to do is to get online. The internet offers a world of great games that can provide you with loads of fun and entertainment. Gone are the times when the only gaming solution was consoles such as Nintendo and Sega and you just had a handful of games to choose from. Nowadays there are thousands of games that allow you to enjoy just as you wish. Ranging from racing games to puzzles, you can easily find an ideal game to suit your liking and taste. You must check out Crossy Road, an addictive online game that provides players with nonstop fun. On your way, you must also collect coins, but make sure you are not lured by them and hit into obstacles that would end your life.

What’s the Challenge?

Crossy Road game online has won the hearts of scores of people around the world. It has a fairly simple theme but it does not mean that the game is itself too easy or uninteresting. In fact, this game is very engaging and one that you would love to play again and again. The challenge is to cross the road without being smashed by cars and other vehicles in order to win. There are many other hurdles that you must look out for such as rivers and trains. Sometimes you may get hit by superfast trains while at other times you might get drowned in the river. Each time your player is hit by an obstacle it will die instantly and you will have to start again. Since the screen continues to move you must also go on moving ahead lest you end up dying.

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You will play as a chicken when the game begins. As you make progress you will be able to choose from number of other characters such as pigeon, baby duck, goat and more. Each character has its own unique features. You can also play as a cow, bull or pig. Unihorse and dog are also some other characters that you can explore.

Crossy Road is entirely free. It means that you don’t have to spend anything at all in order to play this game. Since the game never ends, you can enjoy it anytime anywhere and have a great time. So get online and plunge into the world of Crossy Road where an exhilarating adventure awaits you. Good Luck!

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