Love Sports? Try Something New for a Change!

Sports are an integral part of our lives. It gives us the much needed break in our fast, monotonous, and stressful lives. So why don’t we try something new apart from regular games? Skiing sounds very interesting and fun. So here is a low down on this game for the beginners.

Gliding down the mountains with sunrays kissing your skin sounds so tempting and skiing will give you that Oh-My-God experience (No pun intended).

Here are some helpful tips to ski better.

  • Gravity: It plays an important role in this sport as it takes you straight from the top of the mountain to the bottom through the direct route so you should be able to steer and stop at the right place.
  • Dress code: When you do skiing in the mountains, make sure you are having enough layers on you. It is very important to stay and protect your ear and skin from harsh cold wind. Wear sun glasses if it is a sunny day or goggles, if cloudy. Avoid cotton under the layers if you want to keep yourself cold at an arm’s distance. Instead of going for big jumpers, go for multiple layers. You might look like a balloon but it is better than getting down with cold or worse, fever. The outermost layer should be waterproof for obvious reasons. There should be good amount of pocket space so that you can take off few layers when you get sweaty and hot.
  • Protection of skin: Don’t forget to protect your skin from sun, cold, and snow. If you think that only sun can cause burns, then I am afraid you are wrong. Wind and cold are perfectly capable to cause burns, so cover your exposed skin with a good quality sun cream. It will protect your skin from much damage.
  • Gears: Rent out the gears as it can cost a pretty penny. If your friends are into this sport, then you can borrow from them too. Once you are thorough with skiing, then you can splurge on the latest stuff.
  • Skis: All rental shops will give you skis that suit your skills but your height holds importance here. It is very important to check that the skis are shorter than your height by at least 20cm because shorter skis are easier to maneuver. While skiing, if you find skis crossing each other, then take them back to the shop and change it for shorter ones. There is nothing to be shy of!
  • Boots: This is a bit tricky as it is difficult to find skis which will fit you snugly. It shouldn’t be too tight or too loose. You should be able to move your toes but heel shouldn’t come up.

These are just some tips. You should ask someone who does skiing for the best tips and to guide you as well. Yes, initially it will be difficult but don’t give up! Once you get the basics, you will be skiing like a pro! Good luck!