As the name suggests, ice hockey is a sport played on ice. It is one of the major North American sports, which is popular in cold regions like Canada, and many European countries as well. In this fast-paced physical game, skaters direct a puck into the opposite team’s goal using sticks. The team with more goals at the end win the match.

The history of ice hockey dates back to 1917 when the first National Hockey League (NHL) game was played. After that, it gained popularity throughout the world. The NHL was started with four teams, and now 30 teams from different American and Canadian regions participates in it. Every year, the league playoff champion is awarded with The Stanley Cup.

The NHL has become one of the most viewed professional sports leagues. It has been attracting a huge following since the year it was established. Besides this, it is also listed among the most awaited sports events by bettors. A number of people around the world become part of an NHL game through betting. They bet on their favorite teams and players with the aim of winning big.

In NHL betting, it is very crucial to choose the right team to bet on. Like other sports betting, people who lose bets lose all the money they have wagered. So, before you start betting on the NHL games, have in-depth understanding of the process. The best thing you can do is to rely on NHL picks. The NHL picks are nothing but the predictions by experienced handicappers. This will help you know – who will win, what will be the flow of a game, how many goals that each team will make, etc. William Hill is a reliable sports betting site, where you can bet online on ice hockey matches. They cover all the NHL game, and you can place bets on any team you are interested in.