GTA 5 Cheats Xbox 360, Do Money Cheats Work?

Grand Theft Auto V, is one of the living masterpieces and all mighty Titan of the gaming world. Following the Grand theft Auto IV released in 2008, GTA V is the latest episode of one of the most beloved and played saga games in the world. And boy, did Rockstar make a jewel out of it? Centering a sequel of highly entertaining missions and heists, and an interesting wanted system, GTA V has proven to be more than what initially even fans expected.

This virtual, open-world game displays a captivating first and third person narrative, as well as a brilliantly written story-line, all enveloped into an absolutely sensational soundtrack. Extensively marketed and long expected by the millions of fans around the world, GTA did not just launch with trumpets and drums, but then continued to perform by heating the ground running. With one billion in sales after just a few days from its release, and 54 million units sold during its tumultuous, few-years lifespan, GTA V has started to break industry, creating records by becoming the fastest selling game in history. Even the game soundtrack is top one around the world. And that tells something, doesn’t it?

Call for Upgrades

The game initially supported all the renowned platforms: PC, PlayStation 3, PlayStation 4, Xbox 360, and Xbox One. However, after the recent Rockstar announcement, advising an abrupt end to the free updates for the PS 3 and XBox 360 consoles (due to their recent decision to focus on the quality of the game), many of their fans had to upgrade to Playstation 4 and XBox One in order to be able to continue enjoying new heists and thrilling updates. Nowadays it definitely feels like Playstation 4 and XBox One will be the devices of choice for every serious GTA fan out there. Fair or not, this seems to be part of the larger Rockstar strategy to focus on bringing GTA closer and closer to being a full online game.The fabulous part of this is the great multi-player options and the enhancement of the previous unnerving technical limitations of the game.

Official Money Cheats are a No now

What GTA V also brought new to the gaming world of Grand Theft Auto, was the Rockstar`s decision to include a complex stock market inside the game and also NOT include any money cheats. Yes, you read that right. GTA V has no official money cheats! That came as a surprise and a dispointment as all previous episodes had one. However, it also is explainable as to the fact that everyone loves them except Rockstar, who would love for you to dig inside your pockets to buy some customized objects inside the game. However, even if no official money cheats were created, the hardcore fans managed to submerge themselves in the game to find a few money glitches, that to the frustration of the game creators. And even with temporary fixes of increasing mission rewards and status, with every update and expansion, people just seem to be finding and exploiting money glitches more. Is that people are scroogy, just like to cheat or is it simply that all prices are just too sky high in GTA V? What do you think? Meanwhile, here is where you can read more about GTAV Xbox360 cheats.

GTA V is not only the leading and most loved console game but also the leading game when it comes to cheats devised to hack it. Causing debate and controversy in the gaming world, cheats have been revolutionizing the gaming world. Both accepted and despised, used and banned, cheating codes are everywhere. And no matter the side you are on, it appears they are here to stay.