Choosing the Right Shoe for the Job

When it comes to picking out active wear, you need to know which shoe is the better fit for your feet. In this article, you will learn how to pick out the perfect shoe for each occasion when it comes to being active.

Don’t Make Your Shoes Multitask

When you’re picking out sneakers, you need to pick the right type for the right activity. If you’re a runner, you want shoes that are light and durable. If you walk a lot, then choose stiffer shoes. If the shoes are purely for aesthetics, then choose ones that feel the most comfortable, yet fashionable, for you!

Know Your Feet

Feet come in a variety of different sizes and shapes. Know your feet and their particular quirks so you can choose the perfect pair of shoes.

Measure Your Feet Often

Did you know your shoe size will change over time? Not just after you’ve reached adulthood, but all through your adult years, too. Your feet will change as you age and sizes are going to vary between brands, so be sure to be measured for your size at any given time. Don’t just guess. Another tip is to measure your feet at the end of the day after you’ve been standing for a while. Your feet will naturally swell throughout the day as fluid builds up, and you want your shoes to fit at any given point.

Stop Believing in Breaking Them in

Shoes you use for running and walking should feel comfortable as soon as you put them on. Walk around to make sure they feel good before you buy them.

Use the Rule of Thumb

You should have half an inch of space between the front of the big toe and the end of the shoe inside. It should be about your thumb’s width. The heel should fit snugly and the not slip when you walk. The upper part should be secure but not too tight.

Understand the Accessories

Some models of shoes will look as if they were made for a space mission, but all those features actually serve a purpose. The air provides shock absorption and the gel provides support for the feet.

Know When to Find New Shoes

The average shoe should be replaced after about four hundred miles of use. If they start to feel they’re not as soft and supportive, then it’s time to take your feet shopping again. If the heel starts to wear out or the back of the inside sole begins to look worn, you’re wearing a shoe that needs to be replaced.

Whether you’re someone who likes to run, jog, or walk, or you’re just someone who needs a pair of everyday shoes, you should be sure you look for the ones that will fit you properly and fit in with your style. Your personal style is just as important as how the shoe fits. Keep in mind the clothes you’ll be wearing with the shoes so that you know which design you want to pick out.