Why You Should Use a GPS Rangefinder during Golf Games

Playing golf is a very relaxing experience, although some people want to take it to the next level. This is the reason why golf has evolved from a leisurely activity to a competitive sport.

Technology has changed the way we play golf. Back in the day, all distances were determined through estimates and manual measurements. Now, we’re treated to a lot of options to improve our game, including wearable tracking devices and real-time online game stats.

One of the tech gems in recent memory is the use of the global positioning system (GPS) as a way to measure distances. The usefulness of this discovery has led to several devices to make golfing much more convenient, and this includes the GPS rangefinder.

If you’re wondering whether a NEO GPS rangefinder or any similar device can really help you enhance your golf skills, here are some reasons why a GPS rangefinder could be the missing link to winning your next golf tournament:

No more Guesstimates

Say goodbye to estimate distances using the sprinkler heads scattered throughout the green! Distance-measuring devices can give you the ability to accurately measure how far your hole is, or how near you are to the next hazard. “Stabilizing technology has made it easier than ever to capture targets, and many models can adjust for slope by adding or subtracting yards depending on whether or not your target is uphill or downhill,” according to Golf Advisor.

Boosts Confidence

If you have an entire arsenal of appropriate gear, wouldn’t you feel extra confident to take each swing? Aside from buying new golf clubs or wearing comfortable clothes, making use of GPS rangefinders and other high-tech tools will definitely enhance the way you look at each golf game. Knowing your ball’s destination will shave off a significant amount of uncertainty in your mind, and allow you to swing with greater accuracy.

Get Away from Hazards Fast

Knowing your distance from trees and hazards ahead of time will allow you to avoid these traps and improve your stats significantly. And even in the far-off chance that your ball gets stuck behind trees, using a rangefinder can get you out of the tough situation easier. Remember that the rangefinder can see much farther than your own eyes.

Faster Play

Most people generally consider golf to be a slow game, much like how long it takes to score a point in soccer! While many players like the slow and relaxed pace of a golf game, others who are more competitive tend to prefer playing a fast-paced series of golf games.

This is where a GPS rangefinder comes in handy. Much of a player’s time is spent assessing the field and estimating the distance of the ball’s intended destination. By using a GPS rangefinder, estimations are bound to be reduced, and this will give rise to speedy plays on the green.

Conclusion (and a fair warning)

Before you flaunt your GPS device on the field, take note that the United States Golf Association (USGA) and other similar governing bodies do not allow the use of golf-related GPS applications on mobile devices.

Nevertheless, GPS rangefinders are highly beneficial for anyone who aspires to become a better golfer. You should make use of this technology as an assistance tool only, and not as your only hope in getting an ace.