Why Line Shopping Can Mean The Difference Between a Winning and Losing Ticket

When you find a play you like, the next step is almost always shopping for the right betting odds at different sportsbooks. The difference between a full point or two on a total, or a -110 price instead of -115 can be the difference between a good and great play. Here are some tips to help you when you shop for the best betting odds.

Shopping for the Right Betting Odds

You can find several sites that project different sportsbooks odds for a specific sport, but Sportsbook Review’s Live Odds tool is one of the best in the business. You can tell which books have that extra half point on the spread you have your eye on or maybe one book has a slightly lower total on a game you like the over on. These can be the difference between winning and losing on any given night. Making sure you have the best betting odds being offered is crucial.

This is mostly true in football. The NFL and College Football have key numbers that could make a play go from good to great. Some of the common instances you will see of this when doing your own line shopping is a sportsbook will have one team as a -7 favorite, while another has them at -6 ½. Because football has key numbers like three, seven, ten and so forth, the difference between -6 ½ and -7 is a lot bigger than a half point. If the favorites win by seven, it’s the difference between a push and a cash.

You can also buy points at some sites that lower the price being offered. These can improve your odds of cashing enough that the price change is worth changing a -7 ½ to -7.

What’s a good price?

When referring to price, it usually means the actual betting odds being offered, not the line of -3, -7, ect. If two sportsbooks have a team at -7, but one has them at -110 and another has them at -115, the -110 odds are easily a better play, because you’re risking less to win the same amount. Those prices of -110, -115 and so on refer to the amount of money you would need to risk to win $100.
This may seem like small potatoes, but it can add up over time. For instances, let’s assume you’re an ace sports bettor, and you win 60 percent of your bets over the course of an entire MLB season. Assuming you make two plays per day for the entire 162 game season and you wager $100 per game, 60 percent winning would net you $766 more over the course of the season on -110 odds compared to -115. It definitely adds up over time, so make sure you have the best price being offered.

Prop Odds Shopping

Playing prop odds almost demands that you shop for the best line. One or two yards for a football player, or a half point for a basketball player can make the difference between winning and losing your play. Several sportsbooks offer props for NFL, NBA and MLB. However, they usually come out much closer to game time, giving bettors limited time to study lines. However, if two sportsbooks have the same prop odds for a player or team, the above still holds true. One sportsbook could have a better price, or even better betting odds!