As many specialists there are, as many predictions can be made on the 2016-2017 NHL season and 2017 Stanley Cup Playoffs. Prediction time is important both for the teams and for the people who bet on them. As online betting gets more and more popular, the range of betting types enhances, so the right info about a possible winner is important.

For example, the most reputable betting websites like M88 Sport can provide you with at least four main NHL betting options. The first and the simplest is money line betting on NHL, which needs you only to choose the team that will win. Another NHL betting option is the famous over under betting that is used in many sports. There is also puck line betting with at least 2 goals per team to win, and the fourth on the service is prop betting, which allows you to bet on anything but not the final result of the game. So the bettors need clear predictions on both teams and players to make the right choice.

The Highlight on 2017 NHL Prediction

According to the latest update of the polls on the official NHL website, the picture becomes confusing. The least confused it is the Eastern Conference, which can’t be said about the Western Conference.

The first had the poll of 20 voters that showed the Tampa Bay Lightning as the team that has the most chances to become the winners of the Stanley Cup. 8 voters out of 20 predict that Victor Hedman who is the defenseman will become the best player and win the Conn Smythe Trophy. 2 voters bet on the Pittsburgh Penguins who have just won half a year ago.

The Western Conference has 7 teams voted for to be the champions, and 5 of them have several votes. The leader, though, is the Nashville Predators that got 6 votes, and it’s followed by the Los Angeles Kings with 4 votes.


The situation isn’t simple, as even though the East made their winner choice, the West isn’t very sure about their leader. As for now, the most likely to win are the Tampa Bay Lightning and the Nashville Predators, and the Conn Smythe Trophy may go to Victor Hedman.