Tennis Court Installation – The Basics

Installing a tennis court can be very challenging when you do not have the right information on how to run the project. People choose to install tennis courts in their private or commercial establishments for different reasons. You may want a tennis court for having fun at home or for clients at your commercial establishment. Whatever the reason for tennis court installation, it is worth having a quality court that has value for your money. Therefore, it is important to follow the right procedure when constructing your tennis court. Below, we look at the basic factors to consider when constructing a tennis court in your premises.

The Budget

Tennis court installation is an investment that requires a reasonable amount of investment. Therefore, there is need to have enough funds to cover the construction of the entire tennis court. The best way to undertake this is to do a cost evaluation. This will help determine the total cost of the project. However, if you are not sure about this, you should consult a qualified profession. Experts such as architects can help in breaking down the costs.

Plans for Use

While considering constructing a tennis court in your home or commercial establishment, it is important to identify your intentions first. If you want a simple tennis court just for having fun at home then, you can keep the project as simple as possible. However, if you want a professional tennis court, you need to include facilities such as lavatories, changing rooms as well as spectator stands. Such a court would however require more funds for construction.


Although you might think that this is a minor factor to consider in Tennis court installation, the weather plays a very important role. To begin with, harsh weather can prevent you from enjoying tennis when you want to. Heavy rain, strong wind and snow can prevent you from playing tennis with ease. Therefore, if your home area has an unfavorable weather, you should consider installing a roof on top of the court. On the other hand, if you live in an area with a strong wind, you should consider installing wind barriers around the tennis court. This will help a lot in providing a good environment for playing tennis.

Playing Styles

Playing style dictates the type of tennis court that you need. This factor is based on whether you want to play single or double tennis. Double tennis courts are slightly bigger than the single. In the double court, the standard dimensions are 120’ by 60’ while that of a single court is 155’ by 55’. Although this factor cannot affect your budget by a large margin, it makes a difference to how you can play on the court.

If you are an avid fan of tennis, having a tennis court in your backyard will go a long way in fulfilling your passion. As a result, you will no longer need to leave your home in order to play the game. The good thing is that, you and your friends can play without the inconveniences that come with public tennis courts.