Hockey is one of the excellent sports for physical fitness. There is so much that you learn from this game; team work is a great example that hockey teaches. In order to play any sport, yoga helps you go a long way. Majority of athletes and sport lovers are now switching to yoga as an extensive part of their training. It builds inner strength to play the game with less physical strain. Yoga acts like a conditioner to your whole fitness program. Being an intense physical sport, yoga helps prevent any strenuous injuries. In order to run with strength with a hockey stick, you need to practice the art of breathing that can be accomplished with yoga. Unless you learn the art of breathing through yoga, it will be difficult to practice hockey for long.

Before we understand the benefits of yoga for hockey players it is important to understand the game and its advantages.

Benefits of Playing Hockey:

1. Burns Calories:

Any sport that involves running, benefits in burning calories. Hockey is a fast game that involves a lot of energy throughout with your team members. If you count on an average, the sport helps you burn good number of calories than you would otherwise at a gym.

2. Excellent Cardio:

The energy and strength utilized to play hockey develops your cardiovascular system and makes a great cardio exercise. Running and playing lets you intake good quantity of oxygen with the help of yoga’s breathing exercises. It also develops your cellular activity.

3. Increased Metabolism:

Hockey involves start and stop in between and, this gives you periods of rest to balance your metabolism. The high intensity training before competitions lets you burn more calories which in return boost your metabolic rate.

4. Whole Body Workout:

Hockey develops your calves, muscles, arms, and your back. It supports your muscle development and helps the players in developing forearms, shoulder muscles, and triceps. Health experts and fitness trainers have considered this sport to be a whole body workout.

5. Develops Team Bonding:

The sport involves 11 people in the game who decide on the winning strategy. All 11 players work towards the achievement of one goal and, that’s to win. This attitude builds team bonding and helpful nature in each other. It is an amazing sport that can be introduced in children to develop team work.

6. Boosts the Brain:

One of the major reasons why yoga works great with hockey is because both boost your brain. Exercising in hockey improves your endorphins and balances your mood swings. The sport provides various benefits like reduction of stress, anxiety, depression, and anger by working in a team.

Advantages of Yoga for Hockey Players:

If you connect the above advantages, you will realize how closely these are connected with yoga. Yoga teaches you to sync your body and mind. It works wonders especially for bantam and midget- hockey players. Yoga has proven various health benefits for hockey players and that’s one of the reasons why more sports lovers are switching to yoga.

Balance of Mind and Body:

Any sport that you play wants you to stay calm by mind and active by body. The various exercises in yoga build inner strength and make the body of hockey player stronger. Moreover, the meditational exercises keep the mind calm and allow it to think of winning strategies in the game.

Flexibility and Movement:

Hockey players need to bend throughout the game by carrying a hockey stick. Your back needs to be flexible to perform these postures. Only yoga can help you with certain stretching and bending exercises to develop flexibility in your movements.

Increased Strength:

Every skill of a hockey player starts from scratch. Your arms, legs, hips, chest, shoulder muscles, and other parts of the body need good level of energy. Yoga focuses on your chest, legs, and other parts by building strength in the muscles.

Focused Attitude:

Being conscious isn’t the right thing to do in hockey. Your body and mind need to relax even while you are playing the game. Focusing on routine techniques like shooting, skating, and downward dog is essential for a hockey player. Until your mind is at ease with the help of yoga, focusing on these aspects would be challenging.

Determined Goal:

Yoga teaches you determination, patience, and dedication. All these three qualities are very essential for a hockey player. It further makes you determined towards your goal. Yoga also trains you on techniques that even the professional hockey training centers will fail to deliver. It brings positive energy in your body and helps you to get close to your goal of winning.

Reduces Exertion:

Any physical exercise or sport game makes you physically tired. To play continuously your body needs to be free from physical exertion. After a long strenuous session of practice, you need to out your body to ease and mind at rest. That’s what yoga does to you.

Want to try yoga for hockey? Do that today! You will find oodles of poses and exercises that are rigorously followed by experienced hockey players. Yoga is a great way to introduce you as a professional hockey player.