4 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Baseball

You love baseball, but who doesn’t? Even though football may have gained in popularity over the all-American sport of baseball, the sport still lives on in the hearts of those who remember a day when baseball was as American as apple pie. Not a year went by that you didn’t follow the Series and would be wagering among coworkers from game one, all the way through to that final game when the year’s champion team went home with the trophy. Everyone loved baseball, but even so, there are at least fourthings you probably didn’t know about the sport.

1. The History of the Designated Hitter Rule

Unless you are a Boomer, you probably don’t remember that day more than four decades ago when the American League voted to allow a pinch hitter for the pitcher while allowing the pitcher to stay in the game. If you are interested in learning about the designated hitter rule history, you need to go back to January 11, 1973, when the league made that historic vote. Even the most diehard baseball fans of today may not know that bit of trivia, but it’s a huge part of baseball history.

2. One Player Played in Three Consecutive World Series – With Different Teams!

Can you guess who that player was? Don Baylor who went on to be a great manager, played in three consecutive World Series. In 1986, he played for the Red Sox, who didn’t bring home the trophy. The next year, Baylor played for the Twins, who did win the championship, and finally, in 1988, Baylor played with the Athletics, again, not winning a championship but he at least made a bit of history many fans won’t remember.

3. Twelve Seconds to Pitch? Are You for Real?

According to the rulebook, the MLB Handbook, a pitcher has only twelve seconds after receiving a ball back from the catcher to make a pitch if the bases are empty. If the pitcher doesn’t throw the ball within the designated amount of time, the ump can decide to add a ‘Ball’ – but do they ever? It would be interesting to see.

4. The Biggest Trade Ever

Did you know that there was actually a season when two teams actually got traded at the very same time? No, not just players on two teams, but the entire teams! The year was 1957 when the Chicago Cubs and the Los Angeles Dodgers traded their entire teams – minor league teams that is, but still the trade was huge! The Cubs were looking to add a little life back into their team and the Dodgers were about to leave NYC for the move westward, so they simply decided to make a little history by trading their entire 25-player minor league teams. You can imagine the excitement that year among fans.

If you ever need to play a game of Baseball Trivial Pursuit, any one of these four facts can make you aplayer of the year – Trivial Pursuit player of the year that is! It’s interesting to learn little odd tidbits about a game we are so passionate about, isn’t it? What do you know that we don’t know?