Disregard old spouses’ stories, home-spun intelligence and the exhortation of cabbies, says Tony Paley. In the event that you truly need to know how to punt on stallions, you ought to imprint these 37 Commandments on tablets of stone and convey them with you wherever you go. Not truly, obviously – that would be unrealistic.

Tips . Protesters and nonconformists dislike to let it be known, but rather it’s particularly valid in betting that some strong rules are a noteworthy help in planning a system to beat the bookies.

There’s no easy route to profiting backing stallions. The bookmakers work all day at getting cash from punters, so supporters shouldn’t hope to need to do anything extraordinary.

Victor Chandler, for example, has a frame master as well as a speed appraisals buff, a rearing examiner and a man whose activity it is to group inside data.

Punters need to consider their wagering similarly as important, however in the event that they accept the accompanying 37 Commandments, they will give themselves a vastly improved possibility of getting in front and remaining there.

Tips 1

The main thing to ask when you need a wager is: ‘By what means will this race be run?’ And the second: ‘Will it suit the steed I am occupied with sponsorship?’

Tips 2

Look whatever number stallion races as would be prudent. Regardless of whether the over-volatile Mark Johnson or the terminally exhausted Graham Goode is commentating.

Tips 3

Take a gander at each stallion in the race, not only the one you’ve sponsored.

Tips 4

Focus for all intents and purposes no matter what on the better class of creatures in the higher-review races.

Tips 5

Pack as much frame think about in as time will permit.

Tips 6

When you discover a stallion ‘going to the bubble’ and running into frame, back on a winnable rating, stay with it. It will in all likelihood pay its way in time.

Tips 7

The going and the draw are the two most essential factors in deciding the result of any stallion race.

Tips 8

In the event that there are questions about the going, draw inclination, the cost or some other profoundly imperative variable, hold up till the last moment until having a wagered.

Tips 9

Keep your pockets sewn up when the ground is formally overwhelming.

Tips 10

The impact of weight is incomprehensibly misrepresented. In the dominant part of cases, stallions won’t turn around the shape, regardless of how positively off they are as far as the weights.

Tips 11

Just pardon a stallion an ‘unfortunate in-running’ run once. Most by far who rehash the offense will over and again discover inconvenience.

Tips 12

Take after steeds that movement well in races and additionally have exhibited a turn of foot in a really run race.

Tips 13

The Ei Memorial Rule. Support steeds with a readiness to win.

Tips 14

Never at any point back a steed in a noteworthy debilitate first time out, unless it is prepared by Sir Mark Prescott.

Tips 15

See, look and take a gander at the details history of the huge races, however utilize them insightfully. Clowns on TV revealing to us that no steed above draw 9 can win the Magnet Cup ought to recollect this is just evident when the ground isn’t on the delicate side of good. That’s true.

Tips 16

Be careful about every way wagering. Over the long haul, you’re more likely than not going to win more having all-win wagers of £50 than £25 every way. Also, at any rate, in case you’re dithering about fiddling every way since you’re uncertain if your stallion will win, why are you having a wagered?

Tips 17

It’s the Cheltenham Festival, Royal Ascot, the Derby, the Grand National. You don’t need to wager.

Tips 18

Gather at master courses like Brighton or Goodwood on stallions that have shown a capacity to perform at those tracks, or have such a great amount close by their relative powerlessness to do as such won’t make any difference.

Tips 19

Study courses until the point that you can examine them never again. Accept the way that Ascot’s short straight requires distinctive characteristics in a steed than York or Newbury’s dashing territories.

Tips 20

Seven furlongs is a pro separation. End of story.

Tips 21

In dashes, focus exclusively on stallions in shape.

Tips 22

Cut out and keep the sections for enormous races. They are loaded down with intimations about what coaches expect and, significantly more critically, think about the stallions in their charge.

Tips 23

Also, read and keep all the steady meetings with coaches. They will frequently give data about going and separate inclinations for their steeds.

Tips 24

Try not to pay over the chances for tips. There is sufficient quality data around for the cost of a daily paper. Graham Wheldon’s Sprintline segment (Racing and Football Outlook), Andrew Barr’s Mark Your Card highlight (Racing Post Weekender), The Guardian’s inside data Horse Sense segment on Saturdays and Malcolm Heyhoe’s web tipping administration (gg.com) are on the whole profoundly prescribed.

Tips 25

The quantity of race gatherings is set to keep developing at a disturbing rate. Have a territory you can have practical experience in, regardless of whether it be Group races, dashes or center separation handicaps.