In the last part of our five-part series dedicated to helping you win your next golf game, we discuss the Double Outside the Body Swing. A good golf swing is fluid and powerful: it starts with the hips, moves to the chest, then the guiding arm, and finally the shaft of your golf club.

The Double Outside the Body Swing will transform your golf swingby increasing the strength and power of your hip drive.

As with any sport that requires practicing the same movement every time you train, there is a risk of overusing specific muscle groups as a golf player. The repetitive movement of swinging a golf club over and over causes imbalances in the body that can lead to injury. The golf swing occurs in the transverse plane (rotational movement) and focuses on lower body muscles, namely the lower back, gluteus maximus, and hamstrings. In order to avoid injury, we should make sure to strengthen the highly recruited muscle groups in other movement planes. The Double Kettlebell Outside the Body Swing is ideal for this, as the movement strengthens the correct muscle groups in the sagittal plane (front to back movement).

Mike chose the Double Outside the Body Swing specifically for golfers because many players have incorrect posture due to muscular imbalances. The postural deficiency, known as “C-Posture”, is characterized by increased curvature of the back while standing and swinging. This posture inhibits rotation and makes a smooth golf swing more difficult and less powerful. The Double Kettlebell Outside the Body Swing addresses this common problem by promoting posture with an open chest and a straight spine.

How to Perform the Double Kettlebell Outside the Body Swing

  1. Position your feet slightly narrower thanhip-width apart and stand 6-8 inches behind two kettlebells with vertically oriented handles.
  2. Push your butt back and hinge at your hips; you should feel your hamstrings stretch.
  3. Grip the kettlebells and pull your shoulders away from your ears. Straighten your spine and take a deep breath. Exhale and draw your belly button toward your back, which will pressurize your abdomenin order to stabilize your spine.
  4. Pull the kettlebells toward you. As your arms reach the side of your body, push the floor away with your feet and stand up. Contract the glutes and exhale briefly as you stand up.
  5. Let the kettlebells float to chest level.
  6. Allow gravity to bring the kettlebells back down. As your arms (and the kettlebells)reach your sides, hinge at your hips and feel your hamstrings stretch once again as you return to the backswing position.
  7. Repeat the motion8-10 times while focusing on your alignment and stability.

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