Summary: Success in Rugby is not a mean feat and requires us to stay fit to achieve it. By practicing yoga, we can be sure to prepare well for the game with mind and body as well.

Earlier the thought of Rugby players doing yoga was only sniffed at. But, now times are changing and players across the globe are including yoga in their daily exercise routine. You might wonder, why giant men who love playing this tough sport called Rugby need to do something like yoga for fitness. Isn’t all that running around and slamming into each other enough for the fitness. Well, the answer lies in the fact that yoga makes their body flexible, pliant, and equips them with a set of necessary skills that work wonders in the field. Not to mention that Yoga is also the perfect tool to restore the body back to its initial form.

Benefits of doing yoga as a Rugby Player

Rugby is a physically demanding sport and you have to be at your athletic best in order to contribute to the victory of the team. With the help of yoga, you can enhance the overall fitness and mental strength. Besides, to take an advantage in the game, rely on these benefits of this health science:

Better Mobility: The biggest problem you might face during the game is the ‘burden’ of the inflexible muscles. Typically, yoga requires you to do various poses to make the body more flexible. The regular practice of these asanas results in a substantial increase in the motion and lengthening of the muscle tissue. Particularly if you witness any development in the hamstrings, then it can directly get converted into the great mobility of the body in the game.

Increased Strength: The entire sets of yoga poses are intelligently sequenced. It helps in developing both the upper and lower body in a dynamic manner. At the same time, it helps in providing added strength to your muscles, which proves vital in building a strong core. The slightly toned muscles that you get after doing yoga sessions creates a huge difference when you perform on the field.

Increased Awareness: During the entire playing hour of the game, your mind and body should remain completely involved in the game. This puts you in a place to extract a great amount of energy for that purpose. Herein, yoga workouts become the saving grace by ensuring that your mind and body remain aware, despite loads of pressure of the game. Remember, only by remaining aware you will be able to make quick decisions when the game remains open!

Enhanced Movement: Your win or loss in the game of Rugby depends a great deal on the ability to run around with utmost ease. The chances remain high that you start feeling short of breathing. But, if you have practiced yoga asanas, pranayama and breathing exercises properly for a reasonable period of time, then you will be able to maintain a relatively even breathing pattern. This happens due to the fact that in yoga, special emphasis is put to master breathing in coordination with bodily movements. So, you remain extremely relaxed even after non-stop running and falling to get the Rugby ball.

Injury Prevention: Your chance to get physically hurt remains high in Rugby. Even a slight mistake during the game could lead to temporary or permanent injury. However, you can lower down the likelihood of any serious problem by opting for yoga. The practice of yoga brings alertness and quickness to the body, making it more convenient to adopt in a rush-rush situation.

Faster Recovery: Aches and pains after the game can give you many sleepless nights. Seeing this situation, it is always advised to put the least amount of stress on your muscles to prevent the stress. Besides, you can also try hot yoga poses that can lead to instant sweating to recover you from the muscle pain within a day.

Strategy Making Ability: There is a mental aspect of Rugby as well, where you have to do lots of thinking to act in proper coordination with the team members. The more focused you will be (amidst the shouting); the better the prospect of winning the game will emerge. In this regard, the ability to concentrate learned through yoga will make your game simpler and you will act as per the game plan.

One of the peculiar things about yoga is that it teaches you things from a holistic perspective. Rugby is pretty much the same, where you have to give due importance to its many aspects – on and off the field. Whether it is the response of the body or the diet planning, everything matters when it comes to taking an edge over the opponents. So, go ahead and embrace yoga as a lifestyle choice if you are willing to keep the immunity net stronger.