Randal Benjamin – Bid Adieu to Stress and Depression with Basketball

Do you know that regular basketball practice can fight stress and depression naturally? Health experts in the field say that team sports like basketball and football play a vital role in eliminating stress and depression. Basketball promotes mental agility and physical health. Today, nearly half of the population in the world suffers from stress and depression. Solitude and loneliness are the primary causes. The trend is not a healthy one. Health experts recommend regular exercise and socializing to be the natural cures for such mental health issues. Playing sports like basketball and football have been effective in battling stress and depression. This is why health experts recommend you to play sports where you can interact with a team and get the physical exercise you deserve.

Randal Benjamin is an esteemed athlete in Las Vegas in Nevada. He is an avid fan of Oakland Raiders and LA Lakers. He says that basketball practice and play help you to alleviate stress and combat depression. The sport involves a lot of physical activity and hand-eye coordination. It helps you to eliminate health issues like obesity and diabetes. It is one of the best forms of physical exercise that never bores you. Exercise helps to increase serotonin and endorphins in the brain. These chemicals and hormones help you to fight the stress hormone cortisol. If you have a stressful job, you just need an hour of basketball to rejuvenate yourself mentally and physically. The best part is you are taking care of yourself. You are engaging your body and mind in a sport that reaps rich benefits for your health.

Increase your Endurance and Stamina Levels with Regular Basketball Play and Practice

Regular basketball play practice helps you to increase endurance and stamina levels. He says that basketball is an effective cardiovascular exercise and helps you to tone the muscles. He adds that when you play basketball regularly, you improve social interaction as well. You play with a team, and so the game becomes more thrilling and exciting. You need to keep track of the scores, and you have to excel in team coordination at every point of the game. He says that parents should encourage their kids and youth to indulge in basketball as it helps them to grow up into mature and responsible individuals. When you play basketball daily or even two to three times a week, you are able to improve social connections. The running and jumping ease muscle stiffness and sores. You become flexible and are able to focus on the smaller aspects of life better.

Randal Benjamin adds that if children are introduced to the sport of basketball at an early age by their parents at home, they can manage stress and depression better in life. They develop team spirit and social skills early. Parents should enroll their kids at basketball camps and reap the benefits of the game that last for their entire life. Kids who play basketball are responsible, mature and hardly fall prey to bad habits and addictions!