What I always loved about tennis is the fact it’s equally played around the world. It might not be as popular as football in the US or soccer in Europe (and yes, I know it’s called football in Europe), but the love for the game seems to be evenly spread across the globe. We have US Open tennis in the US, Wimbledon in England, Australian Open and everything is neatly presented in the global ATP tennis rankings.

But if you’re a tennis fan like me, it becomes extremely hard to follow everything you’d like as unfortunately, there are other things in life like a job for example. I know, it sucks. So for the past few years, I started using apps to get my mandatory update on everything revolving around tennis amongst other sports. And since I know there are other fans out there like me, I decided to give my opinion on the best ones.

To make it easier for you to decide, I wrote down their strengths and weaknesses and tried to explain why I think they are the best.

Tennis 24 – Tons of Interesting Info in an Average Package

Although this one might not be the most popular one, it’s great if you want to stay in touch with general information like scores, match dates and players. I like it because it provides a thorough overview of everything an average fan might be interested in. It covers all the major tournaments and I like the simple yet useful feature where you can set up alerts for specific matches. God only knows how many times I forgot to watch an important match, so having the option to set a reminder the moment you find out about the match proved to be helpful for me.

I really like the information the app provides and as I said, I think it’s for tennis fans that need the basics. So I’m a bit disappointed that the design isn’t what you’d call a user-pleaser. It’s not bad, but I can see some people getting turned down by the average design. I do realize the most important element is quality information, but still, a design that’s more pleasing to the eyes wouldn’t hurt.

Tennis Temple – Follow, Play & Enjoy

This is my favorite for the sole reason it does everything the previous one does, but the app has a better design. I’d also say it’s a bit more “tech-savvy” as you can follow live scores in case you can’t watch the match. Also, another great feature that comes with Tennis Temple is you can find tennis coaches and players near you. Although I rarely play, this gives more depth to the overall experience. Who knows, it’s highly possible you’re following a match and you randomly stumble upon a person you can play a game of tennis the next day.

One thing I don’t like is you can’t really go back in the history in case you’re interested in information about older players. It’s not a big deal, but again, it’s a minor problem that can easily be fixed. And I believe users would really appreciate the ability to check info and stats on games that happened in the eighties or even earlier.

Tennis TV – The Official Tennis App

Finally, this is the most robust app of the three. The reason is simple: it’s an official ATP app for watching live games. I do use it regularly simply because it offers a polished experience. Videos are HD, you have complete coverage all year long and great archive on previous matches. As far as the performance goes, there’s nothing to complain, it simply is the best app for tennis. But, you probably guessed it, everything in life comes at a price and so do tennis apps.

You can watch free matches but to get access to every single live match, there’s either a monthly or annual fee. And this is completely fine as you’re paying for a quality product and if you really love tennis, it’s definitely worth it. What I don’t like are all these small, I’d even call them, dirty tricks they play. For example, if you want to cancel the subscription you can’t do it whenever you want. The only time you can do it is in 24 hours from the date the previous month’s subscription expired. Of course, this way you have to keep a close eye so you don’t miss the window and get automatically charged for another month. But as I said, it’s a great app and if you decide to subscribe, just make sure you write down the date.


So here you, these are my top 3 apps I regularly use for tennis. While I was searching for other apps I stumbled upon an interesting top 10 list of tennis apps. Besides the apps like these 3, it also includes apps for tracking your own tennis scores and so on. So if you need another tennis app or two, here’s the link so you can check it out.

Top 10 Apps for Tennis

Finally, I hope you found the article helpful and that the apps I listed will make an already great sport even more enjoyable.