Different Types of Sports Injuries

Physical contact to another player is a part of some sports, such as football. Even in sports not involving such contact, injuries are common. Whether a person is a part of professional sports or recreational matches, there are chances to sustain injuries that may be severe if the equipments are found defective.

The athletes use equipments to safeguard their bodies or enhance their skill. If any player suffers an injury due to using defective instruments, he/she is entitled to file a lawsuit against the company manufacturing these equipments. Sports injuries are often severe. These may ruin one’s sports career or leave the player disabled for years or even forever. What is more, sometimes injuries may cause death (in the worst cases).

Let us now take a quick look at some forms of sports injuries.

Equipment Defects

Defective sports equipments may be of different types. An improperly manufactured helmet (loose screws or defective shoulder pads) is one such example. It can be due to several reasons – a defect in design, a defect in manufacturing process or even improper marketing of the product. It is the responsibility of the sports equipments manufacturing companies to label, detail and warn the potential customers of shortcomings (if any) and/or how to make an excellent use of it.

It is mandatory for the football and baseball players to wear helmets. Even the goalkeepers in hockey are required to use helmets. The participants in snowboarding, auto racing and skiing use protective headgears for safety, as these are high-risk sports. Even a small defect in helmets or headgears can enhance the chance of picking up a severe injury and cause death.

Summer Sports

Some sports are played in summer whereas some are enjoyed during winter. In some types of summer sports, the players use shin pads, gloves, helmets etc to protect themselves from headshots and slashes. Though these sports don’t have much of risks like the winter ones, still the possibility of sustaining a serious injury cannot be ruled out if a player uses defective equipments. Whether you are a professional sportsman or an amateur player, using protection makes sense and sounds like a sensible investment.

Winter Sports

In some countries, winter sports are very popular. Some of these sports involve high risks and the participants use different equipments to mitigate the risks. For example, skiing involves more risks than running, swimming and hockey. Therefore, you can easily understand why winter sports require the players to take more protection.

Who is responsible?

When sports injuries occur due to faulty equipments, the manufacturers usually try to escape their responsibilities for such mishaps by blaming the athletes for poor training, lack of physical fitness and inaptness. It is not an easy task to prove the manufacturer’s responsibility and the player needs legal expertise for that purpose.

In law, sports injuries are considered like other accidents. If someone sustains an injury due to negligence of another person or a company, the victim is entitled to claim for compensation. Contact an attorney of reputed Khan Law Firm PLLC to assist you throughout the court procedures and receive compensation from the at-fault manufacturer.