Yoga for Golfers: 3 Poses You Should Practice

In sports, all that matter is attention. A slight mistake of yours can let you down. You need to be extremely cautious in order to crush your opponent. Golf, in particular, is a game of mental strength and stability. You may win or lose, the thing that matters the most is your focus on the next innings. In spite of all disappointments in a Golf course, a golfer should be ready to face upcoming challenges and this is what makes one a great player. Yoga offers an ideal combination of strength and mental stability to a practitioner making him ready for a Golf match.

Here are three of the most amazing Yoga poses that a golfer should practice in order to improve as a player and as a person.

Parivrtta Parsvakonasana

One of the finest Yoga exercises for a golfer, Parivrtta Parsvakonasana stretches the complete body and prepares one to play the game of Golf with immense power. Putting a great emphasis on the postural development of a person, this yogic exercise helps in managing a balance between the eyes and brain. While participating in the game of Golf, it will be of tremendous benefit when it comes to focus on the target. Practice this asana every day in the morning and give at least 15-20 minutes to improve the circulation of blood throughout the body parts.

How to practice

  • Begin this pose on Tadasana or standing erect on the mat.
  • Breathing deep, keep your legs at some distance and raise your arms to bring them parallel to the ground, in line with the shoulders.
  • Move your body towards the left side in such a way that there is a right angle at the left knee.
  • Turn your torso and put your right palm on the ground by bringing the right arm outside of your left knee.
  • Make your left hand in line with the stretched right leg in the air. Keep focusing on the left palm.
  • Repeat this process on the other side to complete the practice.


Bakasana is also known as Crow Pose, which is entirely based on the principle of attention, focus and strength. The wrist plays a significant role in Golf. This Yoga pose makes sure the wrists remain in good health to help a player play his/her stroke in a genuine way. The Yoga exercise, along with strengthening the arms improves the mental focus of a practitioner. The practice is all about mental strength and confidence that you can hold body weight on your palms. Such kind of confidence is needed in the sports of Golf to get the winning trophy. For getting success in your Golf career, embrace the astonishing beauty of Bakasana by making it a part of your daily life.

How to practice

  • Place your body in the mountain pose with the palms and toes on the ground and rest of the body making a conical shape with the buttocks on the top.
  • Bend your knees to raise your feet up towards the hips.
  • Place your knees on the arms to hold the whole body weight on the two palms with the arms stable.
  • Stay gazed downwards to improve your attentive strength.

Virabhadrasana I

Virabhadrasana is a collection of three exercises – I, II & III. The first practice is extremely effective in enhancing the balance of the body and brings stability to the physical core. Also known as Warrior Pose I, it blesses a golf player with the incredible energy of Lord Shiva, the greatest warrior in Hindu mythology to make correct strokes. During a Golf game, you need to be stable in order to stay strong in a Golf Course. When you practice the beauty of Virabhadrasana I, you will be able to improve your posture and stay connected to the ground. The practice is also beneficial in curing the issue of a backache.

How to practice

  • Stand on the ground with firm soles.
  • Spread your legs in such a way that your right foot is outward and makes a right angle with the ground. Keep your left knee unbend.
  • Keeping your spine straight, close your eyes and raise your arms to keep them parallel to each other in the air.
  • Make sure your feet are perfectly grounded and chest lifted in the position of valour.