Technology is evolving and as we have already seen its impact in different sporting activities. However, it is difficult to say that what we have now is the last of what we will see in the future of sports. The fans almost seem like the possible barriers to the introduction of a new way of making calls, for example, people in the recent world cup were not sure whether to let referee give the last call or leave it to technology.

Some see such intervention as a sign of interfering with the free flow of the game, while for others the intervention is welcome. However, we have to look at beyond such arguments and broaden our view on how technology is helping in data analysis, its influence in stadium construction, and increased interactions in the casinos. Let us look at what will make an impact on sport in 2019 and beyond.

Data Analysis

A single sports event can host numerous amounts of data and information that need processing and their applications used in meaningful ways. Things such as player statistics, changes in climate and its effect on the game, the impact of appointed coaches, and information coming from any aspect of the game is available. What we need to do is find a means of capturing such useful information. For example, the FIFA 2018 world cup proved that collection of such data is possible when referees were able to use video evidence as video referees.

Wearable Technology

A device that can be worn such as a special watch that can give details of an event by tracking different aspects (for example, gather health information) of the wearer or event. Sporting activities need such tracking devices in place. Currently, experts are working on ways that can make them applicable and convenient without altering the players’ performance.


Cinemas adopted these flying robots a long time ago. There is a possibility that sports events are looking for ways of bringing in the small planes in broadcasting games to fans. We are still at the debate level on how this can take place bearing in mind that drones can be distractive that will interfere with the fans.

Smart Stadiums

Technology experts are bringing the debate of introducing technologies inside the stadium. A question of fans response still awaits. That being said stadiums have been very slow in the uptake of technology for a very long time. The imaginations around stadiums could be something like having one that pulsates and sends reactions to the game in session. With all the giant screens and LED lights already in the stadium would mean that with such a technology stadium will erupt and lights coming out in “jubilation.” If such stadiums were to take effect, it means popularity of eSports will increase and can attract more spectators.

The implementation of sports in different aspects of the game has been to improve the fan experience across many platforms, make it safe for players, and ultimately bring in the game closer to you. Irrespective of its use or impact, technology is taking sports to new heights.

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