With promises of spectacular scenery, inviting resorts and the excitement of racing down snowy alpine mountains, skiing is a fun recreational activity that anyone can take up. After all, not only does it require a minimal investment of time in learning the ropes, but it’s a hobby that’s not as expensive as some might think. But apart from the enjoyable experience that it offers, very few are aware of the fact that it also presents many health benefits too. To this end, here are just a few benefits of skiing for our fitness and health.

1. Cardiovascular Health

The physical exertion of speeding down snowy mountains doesn’t only elicit thrill and excitement, but it also gives our tickers a good workout that would otherwise be non-existent for many of us in our daily lives. By providing our hearts with a good pump and promoting good blood flow, skiing allows us not only to have good cardiovascular health but also maintain it as well.

2. Clean Air of the Mountains

Many medical professionals often consider the mountain air as a remedy for many respiratory conditions and illnesses such as asthma, and for a good reason: the air in the mountains is fresh and free of the pollution and fumes that many of us have grown accustomed to in city life. While the air at higher altitudes may be thin and provide less oxygen, its purity can be beneficial for those who suffer from problems with breathing.

3. Physical Flexibility

Apart from providing us with a reasonable degree of strength training and muscle workout, skiing also presents a unique opportunity for us to work on our body’s natural flexibility. The tight turns taken when racing down the snowy mountains not only allow us to develop flexibility in our ankles and legs but also our upper body too, making us much less susceptible to fatigue and muscle pain.

4. Lose Weight

While skiing might look like a relaxing activity from afar, it can provide an excellent physical workout that can quickly help you burn a significant amount of calories every session. This is further supplemented by the fact that lower temperatures make our bodies work harder to give us the warmth that we need, ridding us of even more calories in the process. In this way, it may be an even more effective activity that lifting weights in a gym.

It’s easy to see why more and more people are taking up skiing. Not only does the activity provide a high level of thrill and excitement that very few other things can match, but it yields a significant number of benefits to our fitness and health. While it may be a daunting hobby to take up at first, it’s relatively easy to get into. In fact, you could even take your skiing skills to the next level by enrolling in a number of courses; for example, become a ski instructor courses allow you to progress to teaching others how to ski. For those looking for a good hobby to take up, you’ll be hard-pressed to find anything better than skiing.