About Us

Nice Hockey is one of those websites which has been dedicated to hockey and its importance in the sports world. The website is geared towards improving the popularity of hockey in India where films like Chak De has been dedicated to the sports. Nice Hockey also shares details of hockey as sports, news based on hockey and other forms of sports like those of Golf, Rugby and so on.

We know that people with interest in sports and especially in hockey, would like to get constant updates and information on sports. So, we have dedicated a part especially to news under the name of Other Sports News. This can include news and discussions not only on hockey, but also on various other sports like those of wrestling, bowling and so on.

There are sections on different sports like those of hockey, rugby, golf and there are discussion and tips on the various sport forms too. A section has been dedicated to the sports equipments as required. Furthermore, the articles deal not only with the real life games like those of rugby or hockey. There also are pages dedicated to mobile games which can lower your stress levels after a hard days’ work.

So, here we are at your courtesy.